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Western Union Money Transfer is a renowned and trusted way of sending money overseas or back to your home country. In this article you will find details on sending money to Philippines using Western Union. The biggest advantage of Western Union is that money that you send is available for pick up at an agent location within minutes. This is perhaps the quickest way of transferring money. Moreover, since Western Union has over 300,000 agent locations worldwide, it is quite likely that you will find a convenient agent location for the receiver to pick up the money.

Before I give an idea of how much does it cost to send money to Philippines by Western Union, let me recall some quick facts which you can also find in my posts Western Union-Rates, Fees, Locations and How to Send Money using Western Union.

  1. If you are sending money from United States, UK, Australia or some other select countries, you can use your Visa or MasterCard Credit Card to pay Western Union to send money to Philippines.
  2. You may also have an option to send money directly to a qualifying bank account of your receiver in Philippines using Western Union. Please go to Western Union Homepage and check if this option is indeed available for you. Money Transfer directly to a bank account in Philippines takes about 3 business days.
Western Union Rates and Fees
Here is a list of Western Union Fees for sending $100, $500, $1000, $1500, $2000 and $5000 for sending money to Philippines from United States, California State. These are just indicative and if you are sending money to Philippines from some other location scroll down below for useful links.
  1. $100 : Western Union Fees = $12.
  2. $500 : Western Union Fees = $12.
  3. $1000: Western Union Fees = $15.
  4. $1500: Western Union Fees = $22.50.
  5. $2000: Western Union Fees = $30.
  6. $5000: Western union Fees = $75.
Overall, the fees charged by Western Union are quite significant and if you are not in a hurry or you are sending a large amount of money (say over $2000) then you may consider other money transfer options. However if convenience and availability of quick cash for your beneficiary is important, then Western Union is exactly meant for you. To find Western Union Fees for sending money to Philippines from other locations and also Western Union Exchange Rates, do the following :
  • Step 1:Go to http://westernunion.com and select the country from where you want to send money on the top right drop down menu.
  • Step 2: Click on Price Services and you will be taken to a page where you can find fees and exchange rates for sending money to Philippines.
Compare Western Union & MoneyGram
MoneyGram is also an alternative option for sending money to Philippines from United States. However the MoneyGram fees for Philippines are slightly higher than those of Western Union. Note however, MoneyGram also offers a home delivery option through its partner LBC. Read more about MoneyGram.
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    I have been sending money to India for quite a few years. I have been involved in at least 50 money transfers to India and used 4 to 5 different methods of online remittance. Although I do make efforts to provide accurate information about services related to online remittance, none of the opinion, experience or reviews in this post should be used for making any decisions to remit money to India or any other country. It is easily possible that my experience or opinion about a particular remitting service is different from yours. It is your money that you want to remit. So please verify the information from your own authentic sources before making a choice for remitting your money. I do not accept any liability for incorrect or inaccurate information. Some of the links in the posts may be affiliate links, however the opinions and reviews presented in the post remain honest and unbiased.

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