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MoneyGram International Money Transfer

MoneyGram is a well known service for sending money worldwide. If you have heard of Western Union Money Transfer, Money Gram functions is much the same way. You pay MoneyGram and the beneficiary collects the amount at a convenient (and chosen) MoneyGram Agent Location. If you are sending money to Philippines of Dominican Republic, MoneyGram offers a Home Delivery Option. Home Delivery is offered in the Philippines through MoneyGram’s partner LBC.

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MoneyGram Locations

To find out if MoneyGram is suited for your purpose you must first find out if there is a convenient MoneyGram location from where the person you are sending money can collect cash. As mentioned before, for sending money to Philippines and Dominican Republic you can also choose an option of Home Delivery, where money is delivered to your beneficiary's mailing address. Click on MoneyGram Locations to find more. Currently MoneyGram has over 100,000 locations spread over 170+ countries worldwide. So it is quite likely that you will find a convenient location.

MoneyGram Sending Limit

Using MoneyGram you can only send upto $899 in one transaction, provided you use your Bank account in United States to pay MoneyGram. If you are using MoneyGram Same Day Service (read below) you also have the option of paying by Credit Card, but the limit for a credit card transaction is lower, only $500. So MoneyGram is not for sending large amounts of money abroad. Click on Send Money Abroad to learn more about other options. Also keep in mind that if you pay MoneyGram by Credit Card, it is possible that your Credit Card company considers it as a Cash-Equivalent and applies charges equivalent to cash withdrawal from your credit card. Best way is to call your credit card company and find out if indeed they may charge you for cash-equivalent.

MoneyGram Money Sending Options

Moneygram offers two types of money transfer service.
  1. MoneyGram Same Day Service: The cash is available for pick up at a chosen MoneyGram location on the same day, typically withing minutes. If Home Delivery Option is chosen (only available for Philippines and Dominican republic), additional time maybe required. You have the option of paying for Credit Card if you use Moneygram same day service but the money sending limit for Credit card is $500. If you use your U.S. Bank Account, you can send upto $899.
  2. MoneyGram Economy Service: In this method of money transfer you have the option of paying through your U.S. Bank Account. The sending limit is $899 and money is available to the beneficiary within 3-5 U.S. business days.
In some cases, for example sending money to India, you will see that the charges for Moneygram same day service and MoneyGram Economy service are the same because there is no difference in these services. On the other hand for sending money to some countries like Israel, the charges are different, and there is a difference between the above to options of money transfer.

MoneyGram Fees, exchange rates, charges

The fees charged by Money Gram depend on the amount of money you send, the country to which you send money and also depends on which money transfer option you choose (same day, economy, home delivery, etc.). You can find out about more about this by clicking on
on the homepage of MoneyGram. When you calculate the fees, you will see the 'amount delivered' which will give you the exact idea of moneygram exchange rate.

The following table will give you a quick idea of fees involved. To find out about

Fees for sending $500 using MoneyGram

if your country is not listed below click on MoneyGram Exchange Rates and Fees Calculator to find out charges for you.

Same Day Service
Economy Service
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)$31
South Africa
Trinidad and Tobago

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    I have been sending money to India for quite a few years. I have been involved in at least 50 money transfers to India and used 4 to 5 different methods of online remittance. Although I do make efforts to provide accurate information about services related to online remittance, none of the opinion, experience or reviews in this post should be used for making any decisions to remit money to India or any other country. It is easily possible that my experience or opinion about a particular remitting service is different from yours. It is your money that you want to remit. So please verify the information from your own authentic sources before making a choice for remitting your money. I do not accept any liability for incorrect or inaccurate information. Some of the links in the posts may be affiliate links, however the opinions and reviews presented in the post remain honest and unbiased.

    May 14, 2009


    money transfer July 30, 2010 at 2:44 PM  

    It's a nice informative blog for online money transfer services also provide many services like currency transfer, business currency exchange, send money overseas and more..

    international money transfer August 25, 2010 at 1:13 PM  

    Nice resource for whom, who wants to understand about international money transfer . You can do here international foreign exchange yourself and have your money exchange in a reasonable money exchange rates.

    Anonymous September 10, 2010 at 8:56 AM  

    DO NOT USE MONEYGRAM in CANADA Period...Receiving money is a pain. You do not receive it in CASH as it is supposed to be even that the sender has already paid the fee in FULL. They will give you a check. Then you have to go to your bank. Do not forget your bank may charge you for this transaction without forgetting the time you will waste to go to the bank. Some locations have a policy not to give more thna $100 which means if you were receiving more than that, you will get it in check. TELL YOUR FRIENDS NOT TO USE THIS COMPANY! SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE.Thanks! I am SO UNHAPPY!

    Alejandra February 19, 2011 at 6:28 AM  

    Re Claim: CM106424
    Good Afternoon,
    I am Maria Alejandra Salmon Suarez. Peruvian born, I reside in the UK. I have recently experienced a problem with MoneyGram’s services
    I am a website designer living in the UK and I am building a website for... a friend since childhood who resides in the USA. Although I don’t usually use MoneyGram, on this occasion to make a quick and easy transfer I decided to use their services. My friend set up a money transfer and I went to the MoneyGram office located in the post office in Macclesfied, Cheshire in the United Kingdom.
    As in the UK people don’t hold IDs like in the USA, I went to the MoneyGram office with my Peruvian passport as the only ID I hold that shows my maiden name. The lady called Debbie at the Post Office here asked me for a second ID with a photo on it as it was a large amount of money ($2.000). I showed her my Peruvian National ID and my Peruvian Military ID. She refused to accept these and asked for UK ID with my UK address. I do not have a UK Driver’s License or Passport. Even if I did, these would be in my married name, as are the UK bills etc which are in my name.
    Debbie told me that she wouldn’t allow me to receive the funds so I asked her to call MoneyGram central office to explain the situation. Debbie refused to do so, telling me that ‘she doesn’t call nobody’ and further more ‘she only had 5 minutes to close the office’.
    In the mean-time, MoneyGram called my friend who had transferred the funds stating that there were fraudulent transfers being made to my zone in the UK. My friend was subjected to a ten minute interview quizzing him on the legitimacy of the transfer. He is a busy manger of a global business and did not enjoy this inconvenience.
    It was implied that because I did not have the expected identifications that there was a likely fraud. There was no mention made of the understandable difficulty of a Peruvian national having two photo IDs in her maiden name, having been married and resident in the UK for nearly ten years.
    As a consequence of MoneyGram’s false implication of fraud I have not only lost business but also a friend from childhood. This inconsiderate behavior has not only brought into question the legitimacy of my business but also my personal integrity.
    I would be extremely grateful if MoneyGram could issue an apology to my friend and me for the misunderstanding caused by their unprofessional behavior. I understand that there is always a risk of fraud, but this is no excuse for potentially libelous implications.
    I am fully prepared to go to the press with this and pursue legal avenues – what has hurt me most is that a friend has been placed in a situation where he was completely unjustifiably caused to question my integrity.
    Maria Alejandra Salmon Suarez

    Shahnaz Tabasum Abdi September 5, 2011 at 9:49 PM  

    Hello every body.
    My name is Shahnaz Tabasum Abdi.& m Franchise owner of Typinternational.I lived in Pakistan Punjab city Multan.I can,t send my money through the money gram.cus Pakistan Govt has been banned founds transferring.We have lot of problems in Pakistan.Govt should take step for internet related worker cus it is a opportunity of employment of Pakistan,s talented workers.

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