How to Send Money using Western Union? Caution & Tips

Western Union is a well known and perhaps the most popular method of sending money to an agent location. Only other comparable service is MoneyGram but that too is limited for sending money from United States. You can Send Money using Western Union from almost any country to any other country overseas. Are you interested in sending money abroad or back home? Then read this post to find out if Western union is the right choice for you to send money. Don't leave this article without reading one biggest advantage and one biggest disadvantage (caution) about sending money with Western Union.

There are three ways to send money using Western Union Money Transfer.

  1. Send Money at an agent location.
  2. Send Money online directly to a (qualifying) bank account.
  3. Send money by Phone.
Send Money using Western Union at an agent location.
This is the most popular choice. In this method you pay Western Union and the person to whom you want to send money picks up cash at an agent location. This agent location is preselected by you when you initiate this money transfer transaction with Western Union. To find out if there is a suitable agent location available for you go to Western Union Locations. The biggest advantage of sending Money by western Union is that the cash is available for pickup at the chosen agent location within minutes !!.

Send Money online using Western Union directly to a bank account
Note that this method of money transfer is not available for all countries and to all bank accounts. You will have to go to Western Union Homepage and check if this choice is suitable for you. The idea is simple you pay Western Union (read below on how to pay) and then Western Union deposits the money directly to a qualifying bank account of the beneficiary or receiver withing 3 business days.

Send Money using Western Union by phone
This is not really a completely different method to send money. It is the same as pick up at an agent location, however in this method you can call Western Union directly on 1-800-CALL-CASH® (1-800-225-5227) and use your Credit or Debit card to send money.

How do you pay Western Union for sending money?
In one of the following ways.
  1. By paying cash at an agent location.
  2. By paying online by a Credit Card or a Debit Card. Your Credit Card has to be a Visa or a MasterCard. (this option is available only in select countries).
  3. By Phone. This option is available only in select countries and has already been discussed above.
Are there any limits on how much money you can send using Western Union?
Unfortunately you won't find a clear answer to this on the internet. I tried to search Western union website a lot but all I could find were two vague statements "The maximum amount of money you send to a country may be limited" & "the maximum amount you can send to a country depends on that country itself". However, nowhere could I find concrete limits. It appears that whatever this maximum limit is, it is certainly more than a few thousand dollars. Not like Moneygram where you can send only $899 per transaction. In any case, the best way to find this out is to just try to send the amount you want to send and then see if you get a message. (I know, not the best way to figure it out). Or else you can ask them a question using their Contact Us link on their page.

Western Union is a highly trusted way to send money. However it has one big disadvantage. Fees !. The Western union Fees are not negligible. And I recommend that if you are not in a hurry to send your money you check out some other money transfer services which send your money for free. Free means they make their profits by giving Exchange rates which are slightly lower than market rates but do not charge any additional fees. These services are however not available for sending money to all countries. You may be interested in my post Different methods to send money overseas to read about other options.
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    I have been sending money to India for quite a few years. I have been involved in at least 50 money transfers to India and used 4 to 5 different methods of online remittance. Although I do make efforts to provide accurate information about services related to online remittance, none of the opinion, experience or reviews in this post should be used for making any decisions to remit money to India or any other country. It is easily possible that my experience or opinion about a particular remitting service is different from yours. It is your money that you want to remit. So please verify the information from your own authentic sources before making a choice for remitting your money. I do not accept any liability for incorrect or inaccurate information. Some of the links in the posts may be affiliate links, however the opinions and reviews presented in the post remain honest and unbiased.

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