Western Union Money Transfer - Exchange Rates, Fees, Charges, Locations, Branches.

Western Union Fees

Since most of you coming searching for Western Union Fees or Rates or Charges, I have added this link on the top. Go to the section Western Union Fees Calculator, or else continue reading this entire post to find out if Western Union is really good for you as compared to Moneygram or other alternatives. Remember that Western Union is a very trusted money transfer service and although it is free from fraud, it is always better if one is aware of some negative reviews too.

Western Union Money Transfer Overview

Western Union Money Transfer is a fast an reliable remittance service to send money abroad to your friends relatives or any other person. Money Sent by Western Union Money Transfer is available for pick up at an agent location, i.e. the person to whom you send money will have to personally collect it from a Western Union Location. Western Union has over 300,000 locations or branches world wide, so it is quite likely that a convenient agent location is available for you. Click on Western Union Locations to find out the most convenient agent location for you. Or continue reading for more on how to transfer money using Western Union, what are the exchange rates and fees charged by Western Union, is Western Union really better than other alternatives like Moneygram etc., and many more related things.

What you will find in this post (Click on the link to read more about that topic)

Western Union Alternatives: What is better- Western Union or MoneyGram?

Western Union and MoneyGram function in much the same way, but Western Union is a much bigger money transfer service with nearly 3 times more agent locations than MoneyGram. As far as fees and charges are concerned, there is no clear answer as to which is more cheaper, Western Union or Moneygram. Read my posts on Western Union versus Moneygram or Best Options to send money overseas to find out more about other alternatives to Western Union like Bank wire-transfer, Xoom, Ikobo, etc.

How to send money using Western Union?

  • Go to an Western Union Agent Location. Pay the agent the money that you want to send overseas. You will also choose a Western Union agent location from where the receiver will collect his/her money.
  • The person to whom you are sending money by Western Union goes to the chosen agent location from where he/she can pick up the money by simply showing an identity card.
I also remember seeing an Advertisement saying you can send money directly to a Bank using Western Union Money Transfer. Please check Western Union website for more about this possibility.

Using Western Union to Send Money using Debit / Credit Card

You can also send money online using Western Union by a Visa or Mastercard Debit or Credit card if you are located in one of the countries listed below. If your country is appears in this list, this click on that link below, then click on "Money Transfer" tab on the top right, and then finally click on "Price service" to find out more about Western Union Exchange Rates and fees to Send Money online using credit card.Western Union Money Transfer

Australia Austria Canada France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands New Zealand Norway Spain Sweden United Kingdom United States

Western Union Money Transfer Tracking Status

You can also track the status of your money sent by Western Union by click on the following link : Western Union Money Transfer Tracking Status

Western Union Money Transfer Agent Locations

Go to Western Union Locations.

Pros and Cons of Sending Money by Western Union

There are two clear advantages of transferring money by Western Union.
  1. Trusted Money Transfer Service. I remember that once i even paid some fees to the U.S. Government for a visa using Western Union. This will give you an idea of how trusted Western Union Money Transfer Service is. Your Money is safe with Western Union.
  2. Quickest Method of Money transfer- This method of Global Money Transfer where the person you are sending money to collects cash from an agent location is sometimes called Cash Transfer method. This is the fastest method of sending money because usually the money you send is available for pick up within a couple a hours (or even minutes?). This beats even the speed of Bank Wire Transfer.
However, there is one disadvantage of of sending money by Western Union - High Fees. Depending on which country you are sending money to, for e.g. Philippines, India, etc. there maybe some cheaper or even *free* money transfer or remittance services. Thus unless you want to send money quickly, you can try some of the other cheaper services (listed on the right column of this page).

Western Union Exchange Rates and Fees Calculator

The Fees charged by Western Union depend on the amount of money you are sending and also on the locations between which you want to transfer money. To find out Western Union Rates and Fees go to estimate price if you are located in United States, or do the following.
  1. Go to Western Union Homepage and choose your country.
  2. Then click on Estimate Price (top middle of the page).
  3. Unfortunately for some countries, this Estimate Price button is not available. In this case, the only way known to find price/rates, is to locate western union agents near you by clicking on "Find an Agent" button on the top and then call that agent to find out about the exchange rates and fees.
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  • External Links
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    iKobo - Send Money Worldwide
    Money Transfer by ATM Card. Useful for those who have to send money frequently. Check foreign exchange rates on the homepage of iKobo.
    Xoom Money Transfer - Online Remittance from United States to various other countries. Xoom Fees are around $8 per transaction.

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    I have been sending money to India for quite a few years. I have been involved in at least 50 money transfers to India and used 4 to 5 different methods of online remittance. Although I do make efforts to provide accurate information about services related to online remittance, none of the opinion, experience or reviews in this post should be used for making any decisions to remit money to India or any other country. It is easily possible that my experience or opinion about a particular remitting service is different from yours. It is your money that you want to remit. So please verify the information from your own authentic sources before making a choice for remitting your money. I do not accept any liability for incorrect or inaccurate information. Some of the links in the posts may be affiliate links, however the opinions and reviews presented in the post remain honest and unbiased.

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