HDFC Quick Remit - Review of Online Money Transfer Service to India

HDFC QuickRemit is an online money transfer facility provided by HDFC Bank for remitting money to India from USA, Canada, U.K., Europe, Singapore and Other locations worldwide. HDFC is a well knwon fast growing bank in India and thus there is no chance of any fraud or your money being lost while using HDFC Quick Remit.

The Remitting Service provided for HDFC QuickRemit is similar to SBI Remittance or other such services. In a later post, I will compare in detail all the different modes of remitting money to India.

In order to use HDFC QuickRemit to transfer your money online to India you will have to

  1. Register for an Account with HDFC QuickRemit.
  2. Provide your bank details if you are in the United States. For locations outside please refer to HDFC QuickRemit website.
  3. Provide beneficiary details.
  4. Transfer Money Online to the beneficiary.
You can choose between the following different modes of remittance offered by HDFC QuickRemit.
  1. Direct Debit to HDFC Bank Account in India.
  2. Direct Debit through NEFT/RTGS facility to other leading Bank Accounts in India (may take 1 or 2 business days more than transferring funds to HDFC Bank Account).
Some Useful Links.
  1. HDFC Quick Remit Foreign Exchange Rates.
  2. HDFC Quick Remit Login.

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    I have been sending money to India for quite a few years. I have been involved in at least 50 money transfers to India and used 4 to 5 different methods of online remittance. Although I do make efforts to provide accurate information about services related to online remittance, none of the opinion, experience or reviews in this post should be used for making any decisions to remit money to India or any other country. It is easily possible that my experience or opinion about a particular remitting service is different from yours. It is your money that you want to remit. So please verify the information from your own authentic sources before making a choice for remitting your money. I do not accept any liability for incorrect or inaccurate information. Some of the links in the posts may be affiliate links, however the opinions and reviews presented in the post remain honest and unbiased.

    Apr 11, 2009


    sanjay N May 21, 2009 at 3:12 AM  

    HDFC quickremit is a horrible service, They take ages to trasnfer your money and keep holding your money for no reason. Customer service is one of the worst one i have ever seen.
    All these services managed by timesofmoney are horrible, keep clear of them. Use ICICI bank or SBI remit even if there conversion rate may be little less.

    Zoomex July 15, 2009 at 8:08 PM  

    It has been over 15days and the remittance I sent hasn’t been credited yet. The customer service ‘SUCKS’ and they want to me select an option that does not exist on their website nor their system would allow me do that (if I want to do that).

    The customer is keeping on sending me automated response and doesn’t seem to understand what they are doing. The quality also is atrocious as there is lot of background noise while talking to the customer service.


    Sasidhar July 21, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

    ICICI Remit is very cheat.. Here is my experience.. ICICI having two options sending money from US, initially i transferred thru e-transfer ( there is no cost for this and day limit) for small amount and also after 5 days i initiated another larger amount wth power transfer (wire based) which will take 1 day to remit in india account. And both transfers reached same day and they gave good rate for lower amount and for large amount they gave 0.50/Rs difference rate ( less rate). I called them , then they are saying they will have 3 rates for a day and they will give what ever time they got the money I asked them how can you prove it ? They said they cant do any thing on that..


    Anonymous March 31, 2010 at 10:02 PM  

    Don't go with HDFC Quickremit , it is the worst ever money transfer service to India,
    i have used this for past 2 years , every time i had problem in each transaction , they deliberately hold the money for nothing. Customer service is worst, once u send money then for next one full month you have to call or email customer service. They cheat us by showing a good rate, but the reallity is they wont debit that rate, they will wait for the least possible rate for next few days and the least rate will be credited to your account that too if you are lucky otherwise money is gone.

    Anonymous June 17, 2010 at 12:24 AM  

    I have been using SBI remit ( ). On the "Transaction Confirmation" screen, when you are transferring, they show the estimated date of credit to the beneficiary account. They never missed even once. On the target all the time. I heard about ICICI remit that they get the money converted already and wait for the fluctuation in Rupee decrease) and then credit that day to make some unethical profit.

    manglesh August 18, 2010 at 3:15 PM  

    HDFC quick remit sucks. I initiated remittance 10 ago and has not reached to my account in india. Their services sucks.
    And they dont have a point of contact except writing them an email for which they never response.

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