SBI Demat Account Charges

I have a SBI Demat Account and I am pretty happy with their service. I had earlier written about it in my post on Demat Accounts. In this post I will list all the charges (see below).

  1. Account Opening Charges : NIL !
  2. Account Maintenance Charges : Rs. 400/- (Rs. 350/- for customers receiving statements by email) per year.
  3. Dematerialisation : Rs. 35/- for each request form, additional Rs. 2/- for each certificate.
  4. Rematerialisation : Rs. 25/- for each request form.
  5. Closure of Account : NIL !
  6. Additional Account Statements : by courier - Rs. 30/- , by email - NIL !
  7. Buying equities: - NIL !
  8. Selling equities: NIL ! if you sell through SBICAP Securities, or If you give instructions to branches to sell, then 0.03% of the transaction value (minimum Rs.30/-).
Let me elaborate on point 7 and 8. If you perform any transactions through SBICAP Securities, then you are not charged any additional fee (other than brokerage charged by SBICAP) for buying/selling transactions.

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Nov 8, 2008

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