DELTA AIRLINES LAYOFFs: 2100 or more job cuts- voluntary buyouts

Delta Airlines Layoffs News 2100 or more job redundancies

Delta Airlines Layoffs News - Job Cuts -voluntary buyouts
Delta Airlines has announced that it will cut at least 2100 jobs by voluntary buyouts for employees who request them. Moreover, the announcement said that the number of actual job layoffs or job cuts through voluntary buyouts or otherwise could be much more than 2100. The exact number of jobs to be cut or job layoffs will be clear after Delta Airlines assesses future labor needs. Delta employes around 70,000 people worldwide and layoff announcement indicates that Delta may cut its total workforce by 3% or more.

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Delta Airlines previous job layoffs voluntary exits in 2008
Delta Airlines has already cut about 4000 jobs last year in 2008 through voluntary exit packages. Although the preliminary layoff estimate says 2100 or more jobs, the Delta Airlines has not offered a firm estimate on the exact number of layoffs or job redundancies. Indeed, it is quite likely that the number of job layoffs or voluntary exits will eventually be larger than 2100 as a result of slowing demand for air travel.
Delta Airlines offers voluntary buyouts voluntary exit packages
Reasons for Delta Airlines Layoffs - Voluntary buyouts Job Cuts
Delta Airlines is the worlds largest airlines. Due to the current economic downturn, Delta airlines, like all other airlines is experiencing a slowdown in air travel and in fact air travel demand may see a drop further in 2009. Delta has announced that it will cut capacity by 6 to 8 percent. After its merger with Northwest Airlines, as part of its restructuring, Delta had announced capacity cuts of about 11 percent in 2008. The above announced 6 to 8 percent capacity cuts are in addition to this 11 percent.
source: Reuters,

Feb 19, 2009

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