NIKE LAYOFFS JOB CUT: NIKE TO CUT 1,750 Jobs, Fire over 5% employees

Nike Layoffs News

Nike Job Layoffs - Nike to lay off 1400 jobs
Nike is a multinational company making athletic footwear and apparel. A recent Nike announcement confirms plans to implement 1400 job layoffs because of drop in demand and sales of Nike products due to the current recession. Nike has around 35000 employees, and its decision to implement 1400 job cuts would amount to cutting its total workforce by around 4%. Exactly which employees will be fired or served layoff letters, or what is the nature of job redundancies created due to recent demand drop, is not yet known. Exact details of the Nike job cuts will be known by the end of May 2009 when Nike will review its planned restructuring and cost cutting program.

update: The latest announcement of Nike says that it will cut 1,750 jobs. Read Latest News on Nike Layoffs - 1750 jobs to be cut

Thus if you are looking for more details on Nike Layoffs or Job Cuts you will have to wait till the next official Nike layoff news to be announced sometime in May 2009.

Feb 11, 2009

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