GSK Pharma : Glaxo : BEST PHARMA STOCK to invest in 2009

GlaxoSmithKline Pharma or GSK Pharma is one of the best Large Cap Indian Pharma stocks available for investment in 2009. This stock was mentioned in the post Best Stocks to Invest in 2009. This stock is not to be confused with GlaxoSmithKline Consumer HealthCare whose NSE CODE is GSKCON. The NSE Code of GSK Pharma is GLAXO.

GSK Pharma - Glaxo Best for 2009GSK Pharma - Glaxo - Company Background
Glaxo is an Indian arm of a multinational Pharmaceutical company focussed on making prescription medicines and vaccines. Its compelete product list may be found on Glaxo-products.

Company Financials.
Even in difficult times of recession like this, the company has delivered over 30% of returns in the past one year, successfully passing the tough fourth quarter 2008 test with flying colours. The following is the price volume chart of Glaxo Pharma for the past one year.
Glaxo - Best Pharma Stock - Price Volume ChartNote the clearly visible upward trend - and return of 30% during a period when Nifty and most other stocks have lost over 50% of their value. The latest P/E ratio of Glaxo is about 30. The company debt free. This stock, in my opinion is worth buying right now and would make a great investment. However, remember not to put all your money in just one stock - especially in 2009 - and book profits at regular intervals.

Jan 30, 2009

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