When Terrorists open educational institutions...

The problem of right wing groups in a country trying to sell their own brand of education is not unique to any single country. Even in India, we do have such instances. Campaigns directed towards projecting mythology as 'history' are typical examples and have always made me nervous and sad. The United States itself, is probably the worst affected by such types of campaigns. Anyone who has followed the "Creationism versus Evolution" debate will understand the intensity with which I say this.

Hafiz Muhammed SaeedAlthough the above problem exists in all societies, in some societies it is a bit more serious. Look at this particular example. Hafiz Muhammed Saeed. He was the head of banned terrorists organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba or LeT. Yes, banned even in Pakistan, due to US pressure after 2002. Currently he heads a new group Jamaat-ud-Dawa which he claims is involved only in 'welfare' activities like running educational institutions. He has openly invited media people even from India to come and visit his 'headquarters' and see that there are only educational institutions. Nothing else!.

What can be more dangerous than a (retired?) terrorist being involved in educating an entire group of next generation? Can you imagine what brand of education must that be and what devastating long term effects could that have on Pakistan as well as the international society?

It really bothers me to imagine that this maybe just one among several such examples. What bothers me equally perhaps is the way people choose to react to it. They simply identify people like Hafiz with a particular religion, and themselves get engaged in spreading hatred. They help Hafiz to make his brand of education more stronger and easier to sell. This is a serious international problem. I doubt naive solutions like throwing missiles at them will actually work in the long run. It might in fact make the problem even worse. What should we do when terrorists like Hafiz Saeed open educational institutions?

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Dec 4, 2008

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