Buying Mutual Funds through SBICAP Securities

Online Trading Accounts like SBICAP Securities allow you to buy Mutual Funds units online. However, currently only the following mutual funds are available for purchase through SBICAP Seucrities. (I will keep the post updated).

  1. All products of JM Mutual Fund
  2. All products of Reliance Mutual Fund
  3. All products of SBI Mutual Fund
  4. All products of Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund
  5. All products of Tata Mutual Fund
Other than standard entry and exit loads of these mutual funds, there are no other charges. This has been confirmed by me through an email to SBICAP Securities.

It is currently not clear to me whether you can directly buy Mutual Funds and IPO directly using SBI Demat Account (without need an online trading account with SBICAP Securities).

Currently it is unclear to me whether you can directly buy the above Mutual Funds through your SBI Demat

Dec 6, 2008


ANIL RAI December 14, 2008 at 2:49 PM  

IF you buy any of the mutual funds JM, SUNDARAM, RELIANCE OR TATA etc..etc directly from individual mutual fund companies you will not have to pay any entry load. many of the Mutual Fund companies like-UTI, RELIANCE,ICICI,FRANKLIN TEMPLETON offer the facility of online purchase and redemption by registering with them for Internet transaction.
It is advisable to do online purchase of MFs from individual comapanies instead of buying through agents or any other bank- This way you save on entry load of as much as 2.25% to 2.5% coupled with the convenience of buying or selling right from your desktop.
If the mutual fund comapny is not offering online transaction facility, you may fill paper form and submit directly to office of MF comapny instead of Agent. You still save 2.25% entry load. Money saved is money earned. Invest directly with Mutual fund comaapnies.
Best wishes.

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