Maruti Suzuki A-star review - Price, Mileage details

Maruti Suzuki A-Star review

This article is my own short review of Maruti-Suzuki A-star. This review contains details of A-star price, A-star features, A-star mileage and other factors that you need to consider if you are planning to buy a car. Perhaps before even beginning with the features I should start with

Maruti Suzuki A-star price

A-star comes in 3 variants. Lxi, Vxi, Zxi where Lxi being the base model and Zxi the top end model.
A-star Lxi on-road Price : Rs. 3.8 lakh (base model)
A-star Vxi on-road Price: Rs. 4.08 lakh
A-star Zxi on-road Price: Rs. 4.56 lakh. (top end model)
A-star exterior design
The prices given above are are on-road prices (i.e. the approximate final price you pay including taxes, insurance etc.) and are approximate. They may vary according to your region and other factors. For ex-showroom prices. Visit official website of A-star.

Three biggest plus points of A-star

  1. A-star mileage: A-star gives a mileage of around 20 km / litre (of petrol) (under ideal conditions). This is among the best mileage in the market.
  2. A-star is cost-effective: Even the top-end model of A-star, A-star zxi has an on-road price of around 4.5 lakh rupees. This is a very good deal considering the amount of features A-star has. (read below for details).
  3. A-star reliability: A-star is exported by Maruti-Suzuki to Europe. Nissan buys A-star and resells it as Nissan Pixo. An advantage of this is that A-star confirms to European safety and quality standards. I think of this as a plus point.

The one big disadvantage of A-star

  1. A-star space problem (internal design): A-star is small compact car and if you read reviews you will see that a lot of people complain about the shortage of space in the car. Indeed, the luggage space is short and you may find this a problem depending on your needs. As far as the leg-space or space for seating is concerned though, I think this is just fine, unless you are dealing with more than average obese people. So if you are looking for a family car where you want to carry lot of people or lot of luggage, perhaps it may be worthwhile considering other options. Have a look at a picture of the interior space for yourselfA-star interior
There is also another slight disadvantage, however this is a personal opinion. A-star's design is not among the best in the market. Especially the protruding headlights, I really think they could have done better. Compare this with Nissan Pixo, which is A-star car marketed by Nissan in the European markets. Below is how A-star looks. You can decide for yourself if you like it or not.A-star price

A-star fuel Options and A-star Mileage

A-star (unfortunately) comes only in the petrol option. Other fuel options like CNG, LPG or diesel would have made A-star an even more attractive choice. A-star gives a mileage of about 19.5 km per litre under ideal conditions (e.g. on highway).

A-star technical specifications and features

All A-star models come with basic features like Air-conditioner, power steering etc (visit A-star specifications for a detailed list).. The high end Zxi comes with a CD player, stereo system with 4 players, dual driver/passenger airbags. The engine capacity is about 1000cc which is slightly lower than other cars int he market, but enough for most purposes.

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