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The price of a Call or a Put Options is dependent on various factors. One of the factors is the strike price of the Option which remains constant till the Options contract expires. Other factors which may change during the Options lifetime are (1) Price of the underlying (2) Time remaining for the expiry of the Option (3) Implied Volatility of the Underlying (4) Risk Free Interest Rate. The effect of each of the above factor on Options Premium is described by Option Greeks - Delta, Theta, Vega and Rho respectively.

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The Price of an Option are Option Greeks are not easy to calculate by hand. The formula is complicated and for European style options (i.e. Options which can be exercised only on the expiry date) the formula's are given by Black and Scholes formula. You can also preview this Options Calculator by clicking on the Preview button below. This Options Calculator is free, elegant and easy to use.

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(can be used to calculate Options Greeks Vega and also Options Premium, Option Greeks Theta, Delta and Rho).

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