All about $50m Healthcare Scam and How does it affect you?

FBI Cracks HealthCare Scam and makes over 55 arrests.
A whopping $50 million Healthcare scam was cracked today in United States. Fifty Three people have been charged by for fraud in Medicare. Medicare is a Government insurance scheme designed to provide healthcare to the elderly and disabled. Arrests have been made in Florida, Michigan and Colorado. The people arrested include Medical staff, doctors and even patients. Read more about how the fraud or scam was carried out below.

More on the nature of HealthCare Scam
The typical method which are used create fraud in Healthcare is to generate 'fraudulent' healthcare bills where the a fake cases of medical treatment are shown on paper with no actual patient undergoing that treatment. The money for this 'fake' treatment' is then recovered from Health Insurance agencies or the Government. The above mentioned Healthcare was also carried out by a similar method where Medical Staff, doctors and patients were involved.

How do HealthCare Scams affect you?
HealthCare frauds related to Medicare like above are a direct loss to the Government and hence cost the taxpayer heavily. Although the above type of Healthcare frauds do not affect you directly, indirectly, as a taxpayer you are at a loss.

More information of Healthcare Scams on BBC.

Jun 25, 2009

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