Chitika Adsense Adbrite Comparison - Why Chitika + Adsense is best

My Blog is now over 8 months old. My Google Adsense income last month (Apr 08) was $1017. Although currently on this blog you will find only Google Adsense and Chitika Ads (a combination which works perfect for me!), I have tried almost all major advertising networks - Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, ProjectWonderful, etc.


Google Adsense shows contextual ads to your site visitors. Because of
their contextual nature, Adsense CTR is very high.
Adbrite also shows contextual ads to your site visitors. However in addition to they being contextual, you also have to enter keywords describing your site.
Chitika shows ads only to those visitors of your site which arrive from Google or Yahoo. Your regular visitors wont even notice that there is a Chitika Ad on your site.
Only quality sites are approved. Adsense Approval procedure takes a day or two.
All sites approved. You sign up and immediately access your Adbrite dashboard.
Only quality sites are approved. Sites must have significant number of search engines visitors from U.S. and Canada
Minimum CPC
(Cost Per Click)
Minimum Adsense CPC is 1 cent.
Minimum Adbrite CPC is 1 cent.
Minimum Chitika Premium CPC is 1 cent.
Click Through Rate
Adsense CTR is one of the best in the industry.
Adbrite CTR is average at best.
Chitika CTR is excellent for ads placed just above or below the post title.
Payment method
Standard Adsense payment is through check. Publishers in some countries like United States have the option of direct deposit.
Adbrite pays through check.
Chitika publishers are paid either by paypal or through check.
Want More info?
More Adsense info
More Adbrite info
More Chitika info.

I am relatively new to Chitika and am still experimenting with ad placement. The best ad positions are just above the title or just below the title. Surprisingly my Chitika ad placed in the right sidebar is performing even better than the Google Adsense unit in terms of the Click through Rate. Adsense, however, still remains the major income source for my blog. Inspite of this I would recommend you to try Chitika. Since your regular visitors wont even notice that you have a Chitika Ad,

May 2, 2009

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