Bidvertiser Review - Why Bidvertiser is a scam? Experience as a publisher & advertiser

I feel so cheated and am so pissed off with Bidvertiser right now. But all I can do is write a post to alert all further Bidvertiser publishers and advertisers. Are you thinking of displaying Bidvertiser ads on your website or blog? Or worse, are you planning to advertise with Bidvertiser and give them your credit card information? I had a really bad experience with them, and even if it does not repeat with you, I think you should read this entire post so that you can take an informed decision about Bidvertiser.

About two weeks ago, I have signed up with Bidvertiser, both as a Publisher as well as an Advertiser.

Bidvertiser, a Fraud or Scam?When I signed up with Bidvertiser as a publisher, I was encouraged by their simple sign up and quick start system. I placed Bidvertiser ads very near to the content (top right corner) and after seeing that some of the ads that were displayed were almost $7 per click ads I got really excited. Ya, $7 per click ads. Not a single Google Adsense ad of mine has earned me more than that. In any case, I was receiving around 3000 page impressions per day. I kept the ad for around 10 days in a position where any other ad has given me a decent CTR. But with Bidvertiser I did not recieve a single click after 30,000 impressions. I tried changing positions of the ads, putting them in other crucial places, but no. Well, if a advertising system is inefficient, it is not fair to call it a scam. So what if their ads did not make me a penny or if Bidvertiser CTR is almost close to zero. This is not the main reason why I call Bidvertiser a Fraud. After all any fraud they do with publishers, will never be noticed by publishers. This is why even if you are not planning to advertiser with Bidvertiser, you should read my advertiser experience below.

I decided to advertise some of my referral links using Bidvertiser, especially because Bidvertiser had announced a new incentive - $20 in free clicks for new advertisers who sign up. I signed up for free clicks, I was made to enter my credit card information before I got the benefit of their offer.

The following are the main points why I am so pissed off with Bidvertiser.
  1. Once you enter your credit card information you are not given the option to delete your credit card.
  2. Your credit card will be automatically billed, without you noticing it. I was shocked to see my credit card billed for $56 even before I directly authorized any such transaction. Maybe I was not careful to read their Terms and Conditions, but lesson learnt: Even after reading this post if you want to join Bidvertiser, read every word of their Terms and Conditions.
  3. After seeing that I was automatically billed, i tried to search payment and billing information where I could cancel their automatic billing preferences. There was no option to cancel or suspend my credit card billing in future. All they gave me was options to bill my credit card monthly or weekly for different amounts.
  4. As a result I closed my account. I was not sent any email after my account was closed nor was any message communicated to me about what will happen to the remaining balance in my account. This is why I think Bidvertiser is a complete fraud.
Here are some more points which display the inherent tendency of Bidvertiser to cheat their clients and I would guess even publishers. This is the experience I had while I created some ads on Bidvertiser and ran them for a week.
  1. The following sentence is copy pasted from Bidvertiser homepage at the time of writing this blog post.
    Easily create and edit your ads and target URL. Simply choose a title, two lines of a description and you are set to go. Your ads will appear in the categories you have chosen within minutes.
    But the actual fact : Bidvertiser takes about two days to review your ad and only then does your ad starts running. What they claim above is a blatant lie !
  2. It is not made clear to you that your ads will also run on 'their search engine partners'. You are never told who these partners are. Only when you create an ad, start running it, and then create on edit ad you will see that this is the case (if you are careful enough to read the page carefully).
The Bottom Line ..
Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, it is very hard to trust Bidvertiser. After all, they are the ones who count your clicks and pay you. I would not be surprised if they show different number of clicks to their advertisers and lesser clicks to their publishers.

: I think this review would be unfair and incomplete without mentioning this development. Bidvertiser had deducted $56 from my credit card automatically. Before I noticed $16 was gone, so $40 remained. I immediately closed my account and Bidvertiser at least had the decency to refund my balance. It would be fair to accept that I could have paused my ads and avoided the $56 charge. So I have no proof for scam or fraud claim and the above post should be thought of as a biased review. However, there is certainly some transparency missing and I still advise you to be on your toes when dealing with Bidvertiser.

May 9, 2009


Anonymous May 17, 2009 at 12:47 AM  

you are totally right, the same happen to me.

A had a bidvertiser publiser account a generated over $10 and then they didnt send me the money instead they cancel my account by "click fraud" come on my click trough rate was less then %3, i had made $11 out only for impressions.. so (sorry for this) HOW THEY HECK THEY SAY I HAVE MADE CLICK FRAUD

thanks for this post man, and hey this is for the newbies if you are looking for ad networks, you can SCRATCH OUT bidvertiser out your list!
the extremely suck

Anonymous June 22, 2009 at 9:44 PM  

Good post. Me too charged with $56 in publisher account.They never send mail that being charged.But they send mail when you pause your ads.This looks like fraud.I'm frustrated, please can you help me. How to close my account and how to avoid my billing.Please help me. Even I dont know how to close my account.

Investo Blog June 24, 2009 at 3:51 PM  

how come you were charged in 'publisher' account? You mean advertiser account? Bidvertiser, I have realized are quite reliable in refunding your money. Do the following:

1. Open a support ticket and tell them that you are going to close your account and please refund the balance. Also give them the (or a) reason why you want to close your account. This will make your bidvertiser refund faster. Then wait for their reply (2 days).
2. They may not close your account themselves. But then go to your "My account" and click on "Close account". you should receive your refund in a couple of days.

Anonymous June 24, 2009 at 5:57 PM  

Thanks for your help.Sorry it is advertiser account.

My God I have been charged around $290 without my knowledge in advertiser account.I haven't checked my account for two months because I didn't get good income from the publisher account.

After they charged my $290 in advertiser account with out my knowledge,I earned only $15 in publisher account.

I didn't get any single mail from bidvertiser that you have finished free credit and you have been charged.I am really feeling it is like cheating and complete fraud.

Bidvertiser is really not good one for beginner.I use google adsense,adbrite too. I feel more secure and their managing accounts is very easy.

But bidvertiser no transparency at all.

so my advice never use free credit for advertiser account.It is like trap.Moreover say no bidvertiser.

Paidemailsformoney February 21, 2010 at 10:02 PM  

I disagree with you. I signed up with Bidvertiser, used the $20 coupon, and have had my blog paused on there for several weeks and have not had a charge yet.

Anonymous March 26, 2010 at 1:17 AM  

I got here by searching for "close your bidvertiser account" and lold.

This company is a MAJOR scam they pay shit for you. I had 10/15K unique visitors on my site in every month and they paid like 12$ for it for 3-4 months.

I experimented with BDV cause they offer paypal by default what google/adbrite doesnt (even tho if u ask adbrite they will do).
I dont get this either that in 2010 these companies using checks when we have tons of online payment systems....

My advice is that for piss money don't mess up your websites lookout with their ads.

hac_king May 27, 2010 at 3:32 PM  

I also agree with this ,,
I am referring Bidvertiser from last 1 year and yet i have referred more than 100 publisher and 40 Advertiser but according to Bloody basterds none of them have earned and spent even a single penny so they havn't credited anything into my account???

Can you believe none of the publisher in one year was able to earn 10 usd ??? and none of the Advertiser has socend even a 10 usd in one year??

Moreover there is no way to check who has signed up below us and when??

3 days ago my websites got categorized in malware due to this fuking bidveriser code...
really insane.. i am removing and defaming them everywhere...

Anonymous July 5, 2010 at 11:44 PM  

Posted by Hindi News Paper on 05/07/2010
They are cheating both Advertisers and Publishers.
Last month i earned 32 conversion points but they gave me $0 as conversion Bonus.
look at my earnings this week here.

Chris August 2, 2010 at 3:05 PM  

I just had $56 USD taken out of my account without notice and did a search to find out if there was a way to get a refund. My search led me to this forum and I find out I'm not the only one!

I'm off to get my refund and to close my account.


Anonymous February 24, 2011 at 11:15 AM  

Damn, you opened my eyes to bidvertiser's games. I am a publisher and I never made a dime.

I joined through a semi-rip off franchise website, and didn't earn any money from either. Something is Always missing, with both fraudsters.

Thanks for the insight. I will cancel all my dealings with them right away, Plus remove their (BV) ads from my blog pages @

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