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Do you have a blog? Are you a blogger who is looking to make money online from your blog? Then continue to read this post to find out how and where you can find opportunities to get paid to blog, by writing sponsored reviews, paid articles or paid blog posts.

Below is a list of most easy-to-use sites or paid blogging networks. If you have a good blog, and a paypal account you can sign-up in less than a minute. You will then have to add your blog and wait for your blog to be approved after which you can start hunting for opportunities to get paid for writing blog posts, blog articles or sponsored reviews.

before continuing this post, i can't wait to share with you the following about which I will write a detailed post soon.
Stunning discovery: I have recently discovered that the income I get by displaying Adsense and Chitika together is significantly more than my Adsense income alone. Thank you Chitika !. If you have visitors from U.S and Canada who come directly from Google or Yahoo, I strongly recommend you try Chitika (place it right above the title or below the post title). However only quality blogs are accepted by Chitika. Be sure to boast about your blog when you apply. More info on Chitika.

Pay Per Post
Payment: Bloggers get paid once every month. You get paid for your blog post 30 days after it is written.

This is probably the biggest paid blogging network where you can find tons of opportunities. One reason for this is that this is one of the first sites in this category. They claim you can easily make $500 per month or more. Definitely worth trying.

Sponsored Reviews
Payment: Bloggers get paid by Paypal twice every month.

Commission charged : 35%
If you bid for a $10 opportunity, you will actually get $6.5 if you are approved.
Easy to find high paying opportunities for writing paid articles or blog posts. I got $9.75 for my first post (after commission). Excellent site for high page rank blogs.
Buy Blog Reviews
Payment: Bloggers get paid by Paypal twice every month.

Commission charged : 70%
If you bid for $10 opportunity, you will actually get $7 if you are approved.
Relatively low priced opportunities. But high page rank blogs can still find $15 or $20 opportunities once in a while. I got paid $7 for my first paid review (after commission).

How much can you expect to earn by writing paid blog posts? - Depending on your page rank you can expect to get paid about $1 to $25 per post. This is a realistic estimate and perhaps you should look at a more reasonable number like $5 to $10. It is possible to make anywhere between $50 to $500 by writing paid blog reviews.

In addition to the above sites, there are other sites (which I found easy to use, either could not register, my blog never got approved or they dont allow free domains like blogspot, etc.) However you may take a shot - I will just list these sites since I have no experience to share.
  1. - They never got back to me after i added my blog.
  2. - They dont accept free domains like blogspot. So this paid blogging network is not for me. But if you have your own blog at a custom domain, give it a shot.
  3. - They dont accept free domains like blogspot. However the concept of this site sounds interesting. You dont have to write a review here, simply copy paste a blog-ad. Can anyone having an experience of this site share it in a comment, please?
  4. - You have to upload review in less than 6 hours after you bid for an opportunity to write paid blog articles. Also the number of get-paid-to-blog opportunities are quite less.
  5. - I have registered but not tried it yet, since most opportunities i saw were more suitable to 'personal blogs' which talk about daily life, stuff like macy's offers etc. They also have a combination of affiliate programming and getting paid to write blog articles and sponsored reviews.
It is recommended that you sign up your as many as you can, and most probably the three sites mentioned above will probably be your most important source of blogging income by writing paid posts.

At this point you can either continue reading more about tips to make more money from your blog by writing paid articles or read my other posts on :
How much do bloggers earn from Adsense?
How to make money online from home?

How to write quick impressive paid blog review in minimum time?
Usually the size of the review you write will be around 200 to 500 words. Here are some quick tips to save time yet make the advertiser happy and increase your chances for further offers.
  1. Use relevant keywords all over the post and at least one relevant keyword in the title. Usually advertisers pay for blog reviews for SEO reasons. You can easily make them happy by using keywords all over. Their ad will contain the relevant keywords - you dont have to scratch your head too much about what those keywords have to be.
  2. There is no reason to start the post immediately by talking about the advertiser. In fact doing this will soon run into difficulty of what to write more. It is a good idea to write the first paragraph in your blog review, about 50 to 100 words about generalities. For e.g. if the advertiser wants you to talk about credit cards, write the first paragraph about credit cards in general and what you think about them, which one do you have etc.
  3. Include a relevant Image. Use keywords in the Alt and Title tags of the image. This is not too time taking and makes the sponsored review look more attractive.
  4. Your page rank - The higher your page rank the better. Maybe you can also consider paying a small amount of money for getting some sponsored reviews or paid blog articles yourself. A higher page rank will mean more income from writing paid blog posts.
Remember that most paid blogging networks mentioned above have a rating system for bloggers and in order to make good money in the long run you must maintain the quality of your reviews and learn to avoid bidding for reviews for which you dont qualify.

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  • Apr 1, 2009


    CPA Arbitrage April 30, 2009 at 6:49 PM  

    Making money with Adsense it's becoming harder and harder. Couple of years ago, Adsense program was really hot

    Nowdays, affiliate earnings are much more rewarding. More and more publishers go into CPA networks everyday. Adsense is paying penny per clicks .. Too bad .. I actually enjoyed it while it lasted.

    Jamie July 2, 2009 at 9:36 AM  

    I've signed up for BloggingAds today. So hopefully I can see how it goes within the next week or so.

    Thanks for the links to the other sites though. I'm gonna try them out.

    Ricky March 15, 2010 at 4:10 PM  

    Thanks for such great tips. is a good website to earn money by posting articles. You can try it.

    getpaidtotry April 8, 2010 at 9:27 PM  

    You need to fill out surveys for companies that offer good pay and above all, companies that actually pay for your service. This is where it gets tricky. You have to make sure you deal with reputable companies with a proven track record of paying their survey takers.

    get paid for surveys

    SRMSOFTTECH July 26, 2010 at 3:17 PM  

    Earning money online never been this easy and transparent. You would find great tips on how to make that dream amount every month. So go ahead and click here for more details and open floodgates to your online income. All the best.

    salma hayek August 17, 2010 at 10:27 AM  

    Earning money online never been this easy and transparent. You would find great tips on how to make that dream amount every month. So go ahead and click here for more details and open floodgates to your online income. All the best.

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