Website Hosting or Blogspot? Which one is better for blogging income?

It can be a bit confusing although very important to decide whether you should start your site on a free site like blogger (blogspot) or wordpress or should you get your own domain? Paid website hosting?

Remember that it is very difficult to move a site once it has become popular and once it has gained some reputation (page rank etc.) and attracts traffic from search engines. So the choice you make is more or less permanent in most cases, especially in those in which traffic from Google or other search engines is important.

The advantage of starting your blog on a free site like blogspot is that it is free and easy to use. The disadvantage is that sometime you may find it is not as customizable as you think, e.g. if you want to put a Google Ad in the middle of the post, its not easy. Also, there are some advertisers and a couple of money making opportunities (e.g. get paid for link ads etc.) which exclude free sites like blogspot.

So should you or should you not get your own custom domain?

  • Even if you decide to get your own domain, dont spend too much on it just yet. It is easy to move service providers and switch later on and buy a bigger plan as your site becomes big. Look for under $5 per month plans which provide standard features and preferably lot of bandwidth.

Get your own domain only if
  1. Very serious about making money online.
  2. Are willing to acquire some html javascript knowledge. Not a lot, but some little googling to figure out things etc.
  3. You are planning to spend over 8 hours per week.

Mar 25, 2009

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