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I remember reading somewhere that Search Engines like Google use over 200 criterion to evaluate the significance of a page to the search query in order to determine the search engine ranking. Some of the criterion used are -
1. Keywords density.
2. External Links to that page and keywords used in the anchor text of that link.

Improving your search engine rank with respect to a particular keyword from 10 to say 2 or 3 could make a world of a difference to your website traffic. There are several service providers nowadays who can provide you help with website design and search engine marketing. In this post I am quickly going to review one such Internet Marketing Service provider -

Here is a list of Internet Marketing Services provided by

  1. Free Internet Marketing Tools - like Keyword Selection Tools, Google's Traffic Estimator, Link Popularity Checker, and a Google Page Rank Look-Up tool.
  2. Online Business Profile.
  3. Local Internet Marketing.
  4. Pay Per Click.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Tools).- Extremely useful if you are targeting visitors from search engines.
  6. Website Design.
  7. Bundled Internet Marketing Solution - A combo of some of the services mentioned above.
The price charged for the above services is comparable to those charged by others in the industry. For e.g. for SEO optimization there are several packages ranging from $399 per month to $1999 per month. These packages are catered to needs of different businesses/websites. A quick google search will tell you that it is possible to get slightly cheaper rates, e.g. ebrandz charges $250 per month, but it is the quality of service and results that are the key factors in selecting SEO services.

Internet Service Provider,, which provides a vast number of internet marketing services and SEO tools has the reputation of being leading Raleigh Internet Marketing Service Provider. The website of is user friendly and easy to navigate. If you are interested in SEO or Internet Marketing Services, I encourage you to go and visit their website and have a look at their services and charges.

As a feedback to all internet marketing service providers and in particular, I would like to mention that since internet marketing services and especially SEO tools are so much related to performance and getting results - it would be great for them to come up with a monthly package which was performance based. For example - first have a preliminary look at the client's website and give the client a quote for a specified action e.g. bringing the client's page on first page of google search with specified keywords, etc.

Mar 26, 2009


TrackingGuru March 27, 2009 at 2:18 PM  

Many internet marketing tools are available absolutely free for use in the market and you should have to use at least once to check the results provided by them, also gave them feedback for its betterment.

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