LATEST FII, DII ACTIVITY on NSE and BSE : Transaction details

FII is the term used for Foreign Institutional Investor, i.e. institutions like hedge funds, investment banks, etc. outside india which invest in Indian Markets.
DII is the term used for Domestic Institutional Investors. The main examples are Mutual Funds in India.

Latest FII DII Activity on NSE & BSEThe activities of FII and DII can give several indications. For example if FII start withdrawing money (as they are these days) among other things it indicates downward pressure on the rupee.

You can watch daily FII and DII activity (in capital market, i.e. buying/selling of equities) on this NSE page . The figures here are for the previous day. Todays activity will be available on the next trading day.

To watch FII and DII activity in the derivatives market (i.e. on Futures and Options on FONSE) is available on this excel spreadsheet on NSE page.

Feb 10, 2009

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