Harley Davidson Job Layoff: Harley Davidson to layoff over 1000 jobs

Harley Davidson, manufacturer of motorcycles and bikes is feeling the heat of the current recession. The dropping crude oil prices gives us an idea of the difficulties faced by automobile and bike industry. Harley Davidson has announced that it will cut nearly 1000 jobs and most of the job cuts will take place in 2009.

1,000 job cuts accounts for about 11% of the total employees employed by the company.

One pattern in the recent job cuts, that you cannot fail to notice is that most of the job layoffs or job cuts announced by companies amount to reducing about 10% of their workforce. This uniform number is an indication that although the amount of job cuts althought based on bleak future outlook, a concrete 'quantitative' analysis as to exactly how many job cuts are needed is lacking due to tremendous uncertainty. It is therefore not unthinkable that companies which have announced
job cuts now, may consider further job cuts, should the condition get worse.

Jan 23, 2009

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