After Satyam, World Bank blacklists WIPRO

Another blow to Indian IT industry. World Bank has now blacklisted WIPRO for four years.
Read WSJ: World Bank Blacklists India's Wipro

In another blow to India's already-reeling technology industry, the World Bank disclosed it had barred two Indian outsourcing firms, Wipro Technologies and Megasoft Consultants Ltd., from doing work with the bank's headquarters.
Satyam and WIPRO clients may migrate to other Indian IT industries like INFOSYS. Thus bad news for WIPRO and SATYAM, has some hint of good news for INFOSYS.

Read Bussiness Standard: Infosys approached by Satyam Customers
At a press conference to announce the company's third quarter results here today, Infosys CEO S Gopalakrishnan confirmed that some of Satyam's customers have approached the Bangaluru-headquartered, NASDAQ-listed company.
Indian IT Industry definitely needs an overall improvement in reliability and avoiding malpractices in order to maintain reputation and withstand global competition.

Jan 13, 2009

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