Views on Investing in TATA MOTORS

It seems UK govt is unlikely to pump cash into JLR anytime soon.
ET:Tata must arrange own resources for JLR: Mandelson

The company, which is seeking financial help from the government, has been backed by unions, which say that the car industry needs support 'within days'.

If you look at recent price-volume moving average chart below of tata motors , there seems to be 'growing interest' and some bullish indicators.

The main reason for the bullish sign in this stock is the sharp fall in crude oil prices and recent price cuts by auto makers in India due to falling inflation and backed by Govt incentives. The current P/E ratio of Tata Motors is around 3.6. (Click here for latest P/E ratio). As it is the stock may look attractive , especially since it appears to be traidng below its book value !. But of loss-making JLR project and delay in Nano project remain a great concern, and I personally feel that it is best to postpone any (long-term) investment plans in Tata Motors at this point.

Furthermore, oil prices may have just started their upward journey with OPEC leaders ready to make more production cuts.

Dec 22, 2008

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