Mumbai Attacks: Was there a hostage situation?

One of the most surprising things during this recent horrifying mumbai terrorist attacks is that there was no public announcement of any hostage situation. Think about it, There were only about a couple of terrorists in each hotel, each hotel had hundreds of people in it, but at no point of time did we hear a news that there is a hostage situation and the terrorists are trying to negotiate/demand anything.

Isn't that surprising? I think the credit here goes to the people who handled the crisis and actually took decisions. I am quite sure, the terrorists did plan to use hostages to their advantage, either to escape or to release more of their friends in jail or whatever. But our side just did not negotiate nor did they make any such intention of terrorists public. Yes, i think it was a good idea to not negotiate and although it must have certainly increased the number of casualties, it would have been a bad idea to let these bast*rds go just like that, after having already killed maybe a hundred and our top cops. More importantly this is also a good way to discourage hostage like situations in future.- Just dont negotiate with animals!

Let us hope this nightmare and the huge loss will bring some meaningful and long lasting change in our political system.

Nov 30, 2008

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