Lehman Saga : Will Lehman liquidate its holdings in Inida?

Lehman brothers, another big US financial institution going down.

  • Lehman Brothers Holdings (LEH) had a large exposure to commercial real estate. So falling real estate prices have ####ed up Lehman brothers.
  • A lot of other banks worldwide are going to get affected (read this BBC article) because of their complex derivatives contract with Lehman. I have no idea whether a chain reaction will screw more banks.
  • According to this article "subsidiaries of Lehman will remain solvent while the firm liquidates its holdings." So what about the investments Lehman has in Indian markets? will Lehman liquidate its holdings in India too?
But the Asian markets today dont seem to be very worried about Lehman. Japans market is up by 1% (cheering oil falling below $100) and Chinese Shanghai stock exchange is flat (+0.03%).

Sep 15, 2008

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