Holding on to Nuclear Deal

Will the Nuclear deal go through?

From every angle, the nuclear deal has been a clear sign of diplomatic triumph of India an in particular of the Manmohan Singh Government. From complete isolation until a couple of years ago, we have now reached a point where we can think of negotiating on importing uranium and technology for nuclear reactors- and that too being adamnat on "we won't sign NPT". I am impressed.

Those of you who have been following developments on Nuclear deal will clearly remember that until May or June this deal was thought to be unlikely to even pass domestic hurdles. But the way Congress planned for distanting Mayawati starting January, which was important for their current opportunistic friendship with the Samajawadi Party, and then withstanding the shock of Left's adamant viewpoints and withdrawal of support, was a sheer display of pure political expertise. I am again impressed.

Alas, this was only the starting point of the Journey. New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland and Austria do have the potential for playing a spoil sport (from India's point of view). I'm watching, like other billion indians, with my fingers crossed.

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Sep 5, 2008

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