Comparing P/E of Tata Steel, SAIL and Arcelor Mittal

Why is Tata steel trading at so low P/E? Currently the P/E ratio of Tata steel, at its current price of Rs. 523 is only 4. Let us compare it with other steel manufacturing companies. At its current price of Rs. 140, the P/E ratio of SAIL is about 8.4. So why is P/E ratio of tata steel so low? Let us look at another international company, Arcelor Mittal, currently trading at a P/E of 6.8.

update: For latest P/E ratio of Tata Steel go to

One thing that comes to my mind is debt. While evaluating a company, one has to not only look at P/E and growth, but also the debt of that company. Here is a table comparing P/E ratios and debt equity ratios of Tata Steel, Sail and Arcelor Mittal.

P/E ratio
Debt Equity Ratio
Tata Steel
Arcelor Mittal

But is the above table enough to explain the low P/E ratio of Tata steel? Especially given the fact that the net consolidated profits of Tata steel have grown by a whopping 200% last year? Yes, agreed, Steel is required everywhere. So the slowdown is going to take a big toll on the steel sector. I am going to pounce on Tata Steel once i see any "convincing" signs of improvement in global economy.

Sep 13, 2008


JV September 30, 2008 at 11:32 PM  

TISCOs EPS is at 63, therefore still at 412, PE is about of 6!

AH October 1, 2008 at 8:32 AM  

jv: Actually the reported EPS is something like 160+. On, at 426, its p/e is something like 3.6. But i found out later after writing this post that they have changed some of their accounting practices. so the correct eps is around 63. Where did you get this number 63 from?

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