Tata Steel

When I just learned about basics of analysing a company , back a few months ago, i thought that tata steel at 650 was a screaming buy ! just look at a company which is trading at around 3.25 P/E currently and which has managed to triple its net profit in 2007-2008. ! agreed, the economies are going down and tata steel is burdened with debt after corus aquisition and all that. but 3.25 P/E, how worse can it get?

I am definitely looking for an opportunity to make some long term investment here. But no decision on that before october end. Gotta watch results for the quarter ending september/october , of India and all over. Several blogs have been screaming about july being worst as far as housing is concerned for the US. I have also been watching arcelor mittal for the past month or slightly more thinking that price movements of the largest steel producer in the world will reflect the fate of the global steel industry in general. It has been dropping more or less consistently. when i started looking at it it was trading at around 10.5 p/e. Now it is trading at around 7.9 P/E.

Aug 25, 2008

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