SBICAP Securities : Online Trading Platform ( Normal and LITE )

This is how SBICAP Seucirites internet trading platform looks like. This picture is taken after market hours. During market hours the quotes / tickers are live and as in any other trading platform they are blue or red in colour accordingly as the ticker increases or decreases in value.

Some highlights of my experience with Internet Trading Platform of SBICAP Securities :
1. Overall I am happy with the experience. But if you are a heavy volume active Intraday trader, i am not sure you will be as satisfied.
2. Have had problems with this platform working on linux. I can watch quotes but the screen hangs while placing orders. With windows it works perfect. However I have been able to modify orders on linux machines. Strangely not been able to cancel orders there. But then to cancel an order i just modify the status of the order from "DAY" to "IOC". An IOC order means Immediate or Cancel order.

Recently SBICAP Securities have also launched one more trading platform called as "LITE" which is mainly meant for dialup users or users who do not care about live streaming quotes. You can still get quotes of stocks but you have to click on 'refresh'. You can place all buy / seel orders for equities as well as F&O as you can for the normal internet trading platform. For me, LITE has been useful because i am unable to place orders with the normal internet trading platform on linux machines in my office. The snapshot (taken after market hours) of LITE trading platform is shown below.

Some highlits of my experience with LITE.
1. The quote shown in LITE is sometimes not updated, i.e. it shows wrong quote. LITE is definitely not suitable for Intraday traders. For other traders it is good enough.
2. Once I suspect my sell order for a nifty option did not go through even though the price of the option , at least according to the NSE website went higher than my sell price.
3. Other than the experience mentioned in 2., LITE has worked ok. But I recommend watching / keeping an eye on nse website for quotes while using LITE.

Aug 27, 2008

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