Last traded price of Nifty : 4327
Last traded price of Nifty Aug28 future : 4337 ( +10 premium )

Three most active calls.

ifty Call
Change in OI

4400 CE
29 lacs
-63 K

4300 CE
18 lacs
-329 K

4500 CE
37 lacs
-175 K

Three most active puts.
Nifty Put
Change in OI

4300 PE
29 lacs
-193 K

4400 PE
26 lacs
+ 10 K

4200 PE
24 lacs
-134 K

Not much to say by merely watching change in open interest here. But during the market hours, roughly at around 1 pm, i had noticed a huge , something like +455 K change in OI of 4300 PE and 4400 PE. Well, the nifty shed around 40 points after that. This vindicates my stand change in OI is also good for short term, or intraday predictions. I'll keep posting such observations (or even observations contradictory to this claim :) ) as i keep noticing them.

I dont know how to take clues from put calls in the last few days of F & O expiry. Maybe one should also peep into what is happening with the next month options to get a better picture in the last week of F&O expiry. Also since there is no significant change in OI i will spare myself the trouble of calculating implied volatility.

Aug 25, 2008

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